How to assemble your new game:

  1. Download the files that best suit your printer setup.
  2. Obtain card stock. We recommend about 110 lb. You can find this at any office supply store or copy shop. Be sure to get a few extra sheets in case you screw up.
  3. Print the file onto the card stock. Take care to make sure the guide lines match for the fronts and backs. If you are not using duplex printing you may find it easier to print the card backs onto a piece of paper and photocopy them onto the back of each of the card sheets.
  4. The Cutting! Yeah, this sucks, but you're getting a game for free so stop whining! You can just go at it with a pair of scissors, or use the paper cutters that have at your local copy shop.

Oh, and if you don't already have it:

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