Q: Didn't this used to be a Freak Factory Game?
A: Yes. However, DeathTech acquired controlling interest in it, so now it's ours.

Q: Where's the porn? How can you have a game about adult films without naked pictures?
A: Porn Star is, first and foremost, satire. It's all about poking fun at an industry that deserves to be poked! If you don't laugh a lot while playing the game, you're not approaching it the right way. And if you're looking for "dirty pictures", there are plenty of other sites on the web that will fill your need.

Q: What was all the trouble with Wizards of the Coast?
A: Messy. For the details, check out

Q: I have a moral problem with this game! Who can I talk to?
A: Any number of people. Your pastor, who finds demons everywhere. Your therapist, who you pay to blame everyone but yourself. Your parents, who crippled your value system by shielding you from growth experiences. Your government, who promotes censorship and continues to lower the bar to accomodate your ignorant, paranoid fellow citizens. Just don't talk to us about it because we don't care! Unlike you, we're confident in our sexual identities, social skills, and parenting ability. We can't see as how a satirical game poses any sort of "threat". That is, unless you're personally threatened by open-mindedness.

Q: I have a rules question about the game! Who can I talk to?
A: Drop us a line here and we'll try to sort it out!

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